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Physiotherapy Department

The Department of Physiotherapy was established in 2010 at Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Anjarakandy Integrated Campus, Kannur Medical College to cater to the preventive, curative, therapeutic and rehabilitation needs of the people. The department is actively involved in quality teaching and research practices in the field of physiotherapy. Practical training to students is imparted at state of the art Physiotherapy OPD where students get hands on training under the guidance expert faculty and clinical staff. Students expand their horizons of therapeutic and rehabilitative concepts through involvement in community based rehabilitation programs and other “outreach” activities in and around Kannur district. Students participate in various Physiotherapy camps and community services conducted by the college. Equipped with modern infrastructure, including well equipped physiotherapy OPD and demonstration laboratories makes it an excellent centre for imparting physiotherapy education.

Welcome to Department of Physiotherapy, a department that focuses on opportunity and achievement, a place where students are encouraged and supported to excel. Keeping the very fact in mind the department with the support of it`s able faculty members, visionary management and excellent and extensive infrastructure entrenches perseverance and a never-say-die spirit from academics to co-curricular activities in the heart of every student to not only making them good physiotherapists but brilliant human beings. Physiotherapists are key players in the health care system today. They help in restoring and improving movements, keeping patients healthy, fit and active thereby improving the quality of life. They also play an important role in avoiding surgery and long term use of medications. Besides the class room learning and clinical training at the 900 bedded Kannur Medical College Hospital and Research Centre , our outreach programs such as physiotherapy camps in the rural areas serving the poor and weaker sections of the society,consultancy services to the industries,awareness programs for society, etc gives the required exposure to the students. The vision and mission of our university has added a thrust to research and the department is well on the way to make its mark as a world-class institution of learning, research and quality patient care. Do join us on this journey towards excellence.

Diploma in cardiovascular Technology (DCVT)

With this diploma, you can find work as a member of a cardiovascular technology team at a hospital, private practice, imaging center, or other medical facility.

Diploma in Nuero Technology (DNT)

Course proposed is a 2-year comprehensive diploma course incorporating all the electronic neuro-technological and diagnostic equipments in the field.

Diploma in Dialysis Technology (DDT)

As a dialysis technician, the student will acquire adequate skills and knowledge to perform various procedures and operate dialysis equipment under physician's supervision.

Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology (DOA)

Opthometrisians plays a vital role in the eye hospitals in giving services in relation with the doctor. Immediate job opportunity will be there for those who complete this diploma course.

Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology (DOTT)

Today, with advanced technology, surgeries and operations have a big role to play to help people overcome their ailments. For quality treatment in the operation theater, there is a great demand for qualified and trained technicians in corporate hospitals both in India and aboard

Diploma in Radio therapy Technology (DRT)

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Diploma in Endoscopic Technology (DET)

The aim of the course is to groom a dedicated skilled assistant to function as an endoscopy team member capable of assisting the physician in various endoscopy procedures and the nurses in providing the basic patient care.