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Kamaraj B , Rahul Krishnan Kutty

A comparative evaulation of physiotherapy modalities in improving hand function among stroke survivors

International Journal of Science and Nature-(IJSN)



Syed Abudaheer K , Ilayaraja Alagia Thiruvevenkadam

Comparison of Hand Grip Strength in Different Positions of Shoulder with Elbow in 90º Flexion and 0º Extension Positions

International Journal of Health Sciences and Research

Vol.6; Issue: 2; February 2016


Syed Abudaheer K

Efficacy of Post thermotherapy Maitland mobilization compared to the Active mobilization exercises in improving the Shoulder function and pain in Periarthritis: A simple randomized clinical control trail

International Journal of Medical and Health Sciences

Int J Med Health Sci. July 2014,Vol-3;Issue-3


Shabeer S. Iqbal & Prema Gurumurthy

Evaluation of Phytochemistry, Anti-oxidant & Free Radical Scavenging activity of a Novel Polyherbal Formulation

International Journal of Pure and Applied Biomedical Sciences

2016 Vol. 1(1)


Jibin, K. V., Dr. Kamaraj, B., Dr. K. Syed Abudaheer and Rahul Krishnan Kutty

A comparative study on efficay of gait parameters in chronic-stroke survivors using functional task-oriented intervention versus bobath intervention

International Journal of Current Research

Vol. 9, Issue, 11, pp.60589-60593, November, 2017


Nisha Acharry , Rahul Krishnan Kutty

Abdominal exercise with bracing, a therapeutic efficacy in reducing diastasis-recti among postpartal females

International Journal of Physiotherapy and research

Year: 2015 ,Volume 3, Issue 2, Page No. 999-1005


Shabeer S Iqbal, Prema Gurumurthy, Patchaiappan Pravinkumar, Pawan Kumar, KalathilSadasivan Pillai

GC-MS Analysis, Heavy Metal Content and Prediction of Anti-Diabetic Activity Spectra of A Novel Polyherbal Formulation

International Journal of Applied Research

2015; 1 :( 6): 276-281


Pravinkumar Patchaiappan , Sadasivan Pillai , Mathews Michael1, KavyaK , Pawankumar, Shabeer S Iqbal, Anand T & K M Cherian.

Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FT-IR) Spectral Studies of Novel Poly-Herbal Formulation of Anti-Obesity Drug”.

Jour of Med Sc& Tech.

2015; 4:(1)